We’re really glad that you decided to invest in a state-of-the-art carbon monoxide detector for your home. At Crossfire Alarms, we take the threat posed by carbon monoxide very seriously, which is why we’ve manufactured our detectors to exceed all industry standards. In addition, that’s why we’ve built them to communicate with each other wirelessly. We want to ensure that you’re alerted to a danger anywhere in your home, everywhere in your home. This, we believe, is the only way to adequately protect you and your family from injury or loss of life as the result of carbon monoxide poisoning.

Rather obviously, we hope that you never have to hear your Crossfire carbon monoxide detector going off for a real emergency (only when you’re testing it). However, in the event that you do, we thought we should let you know what to do in a real carbon monoxide emergency.

First, make sure that you immediately turn off any appliances or equipment that might be causing carbon monoxide levels to rise. The levels will only build if those devices are left on, and this could be very dangerous.

Second, open windows and doors to increase ventilation to the area. However, don’t simply do this and remain where you are. Instead, get yourself to an outdoor area where there will be an abundance of clean air to breathe.

Third, once you’re out of the area, don’t go back in. Even if someone needs rescuing, you’ll be putting your life at risk by reentering.

Fourth, call the authorities! Instead of risking your life, let the authorities, who are qualified to deal with such a situation, do what they do best. A carbon monoxide leak is a serious event, and you need the right people to come in order to deal with it.

For more on keeping your home safe from carbon monoxide, take a look at our carbon monoxide detectors over at Crossfire Alarms.