We all do dumb things. This can range from something we can laugh off to ourselves being hurt. Adding fire to an already bad situation will only make things worse. The following items are things you should avoid doing if you value your home, hands, possessions, or body being not being on fire at the moment.

We could give a hundred reasons why you shouldn’t smoke but we’ll only give you one right now. Smoking is a fire hazard. In fact, smoking materials are the leading cause of fire deaths in the United States. If you were looking for another reason to quit, you found it.

Playing with flammable liquids
Lighting alcohol, gasoline, or any other flammable liquid on fire is something many people are guilty of. You can watch hundreds of youtube videos where someone pours a flammable liquid on something and lights it on fire. This almost always ends poorly. Either the person’s clothes catch on fire, the fire spreads, or they used way too much of the liquid and it explodes. It’s upsetting that we even have to say this but don’t play with flammable liquids.

Unattended cooking
You need to keep an eye on what you are cooking when you are in the kitchen. This is so what you are cooking doesn’t burst into flames and incase your potential meal does light on fire; you can act quickly to put it out. Obviously, if you aren’t around to see the fire start you wont be there to stop it.

Everyone loves a good firework display. However, just playing with fireworks is bad idea. You may think of them as just a pretty toy but you are wrong. Fireworks are dangerous explosives. The firework displays you see at amusement parks or on the Fourth of July are all planned and have various safety measures in place. They would never launch them at a person or thing because they understand how dangerous they are.