The Indianapolis City Council has moved to alter their regulations regarding residential smoke detectors, according to the Investor’s Business Journal. Recently they voted to require that all smoke detectors in residential buildings be of the new tamperproof, long-life battery kind. The move comes in reaction to the dangers posed by people failing to change the batteries on their smoke detectors regularly, or worse disabling them when they become a nuisance.

It’s true that smoke detectors can become an annoyance from time to time when they’re set off by something as simple as making a grilled cheese sandwich on your stove top. But, it’s vitally important to your life and livelihood that you not interfere with the course of your smoke detectors’ normal operation. If your smoke detector ever becomes a problem, don’t disable it. Instead, take measures to quiet it such as beating away the offending vapors with a towel or simply hitting its “silence” button.

Of course, sometimes they seem as if they have a mind of their own, don’t they? Well, not exactly. When your smoke detectors beep with regularity, that more than likely means that its time for them to be replaced. If this is the case, Crossfire’s top-of-the-line smoke detectors make a great replacement. Anticipating that industry and community standards will only become more rigorous, we’ve built ours with tamperproof, long-life batteries. Installing Crossfire smoke detectors in your home will keep you in compliance with community standards, and will keep you and your loved ones well protected in case of the worst.