According to Eyewitness News 3 in Connecticut, the proper functioning of a home’s smoke detector saved the lives of a mother and her two small children. After just having left for work, the father of the family received a call that we all dread: his home was burning down. If there was one silver lining in the phone call, however, it was that his wife was the one calling. Moreover, his wife was able to let him know that not only she, but both of their children, had escaped the fire without injury.

While the cause of the fire within their home has yet to be discerned, the working theory is that it started in the laundry room. We often think of smoke detectors as protecting us when we’re at our most vulnerable—while we’re sleeping, for example. However, fires can happen at any time, and we might not always be immediately aware of a fire’s presence within our home. In this case, the fire took place in the morning. The fact that a smoke detector alerted the family to the emergency gave them valuable time to escape from danger and preserve their lives.

If your home is without a smoke detector, or if your home needs its smoke detectors replaced, then you need to seriously consider installing Crossfire’s top-of-the-line smoke detectors. They utilize dual photoelectric and ionization detectors, and they’re capable of communicating with each other wirelessly. This wireless communication speeds up the warning you and your family will get in the event of an emergency. And, if there’s one thing that counts in the event of a fire, it’s time. Just ask the family from Connecticut.