So you’ve made the decision to purchase Crossfire’s state-of-the-art smoke detectors. But how many are you going to need? As you might imagine, this is going to depend on the size of your home and a few other guidelines.

Most importantly, you’ll need to have at least one smoke detector near where you and your family will be sleeping. In the event of a fire during the nighttime, it’s important that a detector be in close enough proximity to your bedroom in order to wake you up. This is extremely important, because a fire might grow to unmanageable levels if given enough time. Even more dangerously, if toxic fumes are allowed to build up, then they might render you and your family members unconscious and unable to escape.

Because kitchen appliances cause a high number of household fires, you’ll want to have one near (but not in) your kitchen. Although it might make sense to have a smoke detector in your kitchen, the sensors are sensitive enough to be triggered by ordinary cooking.

Beyond these critical locations, you’ll want to consider the size of your home when contemplating further coverage. While a small one- or two-bedroom apartment might be sufficiently covered by two smoke detectors, a large multi-level home will require more. If, for example, the hallway outside of your bedroom is longer than 40 feet, two detectors would be recommended. In addition, if you sleep with your bedroom door closed, you might consider a detector within the room itself—especially if it contains any large household appliances, such as an air conditioner or a television.

With these simple guidelines, you should be armed with the knowledge you need to properly protect yourself and your loved ones.

For more on keeping your home safe, take a look at our smoke detectors over at Crossfire Alarms.