The wheels of progress continue to turn, and the public continues to become more and more aware of the danger posed by carbon monoxide in our homes and places of business. A recent article in the Charlotte Observer discusses how the state legislature is looking to stiffen regulations concerning the presence of carbon monoxide detectors within North Carolina’s hotels and bed-and-breakfasts. The move by the legislature is in response to the deaths of three individuals at a Boone, NC, Best Western caused by carbon monoxide poisoning. The new rules would require hotels and similar businesses to further expand their network of carbon monoxide detectors and alarms within their establishments.

Having working and updated carbon monoxide detectors in your place of business, whether it be a hotel or otherwise, is a vital part of protecting workers and customers. Carbon monoxide is a tasteless, odorless gas that is extremely poisonous to humans and animals when present in high enough concentrations. The gas is produced as the result of incomplete combustion, and can be exhausted by any appliance that utilizes a combustion engine. In the case of the tragedy at the Best Western in Boone, NC, the carbon monoxide poisonings were the result of a defectively maintained and installed pool heater.

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