It always hurts us deeply when we learn that carbon monoxide has taken another life, which was the case in Texas recently. According to ABC13, three individuals lost their lives as the result of carbon monoxide poisoning in North Harris County, Texas. No one even knew that anything was amiss, until a neighbor came to the home and spotted someone who was lying on the ground. When the firefighters arrived on the scene, they discovered that the amount of carbon monoxide present in the home was more than 7 times higher than what would be considered normal. If that doesn’t seem like a lot of carbon monoxide, then consider this: According to ABC13’s report, the firefighters had to cut a hole into the home with a chainsaw in order to get sufficient ventilation into the home so that they could conduct an investigation.

Although the report does not specify the cause behind the high levels of carbon monoxide within the home, one thing is clear: Carbon monoxide continues to be a danger to households no just in Texas, but throughout the entire country. While prevention can go a long way toward avoiding these senseless tragedies, it can only get one so far.

At Crossfire Alarms we manufacture state-of-the-art carbon monoxide detectors and alarms. These detectors and alarms use multiple forms of detection to monitor the carbon monoxide levels in your home or place work for any abnormalities, alerting you before there’s the possibility of a fatal catastrophe. We know that these simple pieces of equipment can save countless lives, and we wish that those individuals in Texas, who had their lives senselessly ripped away form them by “the Silent Killer”, had had one of our alarms installed in their home.