Realizing the tremendous danger that house fires pose, the Federal Emergency Management Agency has launched an ongoing campaign to educate the population. Their campaign is called “Install. Inspect. Protect.” Although the program makes a wide variety of recommendations for protecting your home and family from the dangers of house fires, the primary recommendation of this campaign is to install working smoke detectors within your home. While prevention goes a long way toward safety, accidents do happen. And when something goes wrong, you need a system in place to warn you, especially when you’re at your most vulnerable—such as when you’re sleeping.

With respect to smoke detectors, FEMA strongly urges consumers to purchase long-life lithium-battery-powered smoke alarms. These are exactly the kind of smoke alarms that are produced by Crossfire. We take your personal safety seriously. While non-long-lasting smoke alarms may be cheaper, we believe that shortcutting the longevity of a smoke detector dramatically decreases its ability to protect you and your family in the event of a fire. That’s why our smoke detectors have an expected life expectancy of 20 years.

In addition, FEMA also recommends that consumers purchase and install dual-sensor smoke detectors, exactly the kind that Crossfire makes. These dual-sensor smoke detectors take advantage of both photoelectric and ionization detectors, which makes them more sensitive and capable of alerting you to danger. We don’t stop there, though. Our smoke detectors are capable of communicating with each other wirelessly, which allows one smoke detector to alert all others in your home of a potential fire. This added coverage offers our customers valuable extra time to react in case fire strikes in their homes and ensures that everyone will hear the alarm!