Carbon monoxide, also known as “the Silent Killer,” doesn’t discriminate based on borders or nationalities. Its dangers are ever present, no matter where you’re located in the world. Recently, according to the Daily Mail, an incident in Britain nearly claimed the lives of three elderly individuals. According to the report, they had been grilling indoors, when the carbon monoxide fumes created a situation wherein they were incapacitated. They might have lost their lives if not for another individual, who was himself overcome by the fumes, miraculously having the wherewithal to contact the authorities, even in his confused state. Even more miraculous: the individuals were saved by the quick and decisive work of police offers, who entered the building to save those individuals at their own peril. The officers themselves had to be treated for the acute effects of carbon monoxide poisoning as the result of their heroic effort.

We’re thankful to read that no one lost their lives, but again we at Crossfire Alarms find ourselves scratching our heads. Even though the dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning are well known throughout the world, a few people still fail to employ carbon monoxide detectors and alarms within their homes and places of work. There’s simply no need for it, especially when one considers how unlikely it is that someone suffering from carbon monoxide poisoning can have the wherewithal to call for help, as was the case in the above incident.

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