We get frustrated when we hear that people aren’t using smoke detectors, but probably not as frustrated as the fire department in Milwaukee. According to FOX6, there have been a string of fire-related deaths in the city, and they all have one thing in common. According to FOX6’s report, the Milwaukee fire department’s Deputy Chief has this to say: “Every fire-related fatality this year in the city of Milwaukee has been in a place that’s had no working smoke detector.” His comments came in reaction to an apartment fire that claimed the life of one individual on August 17th. Even though the fire only took a mere 25 minutes to quell, it proved fatal.

When it comes to safety within your home, there’s simply no excuse for not having a working smoke detector. Fires can spread incredibly quickly, and the effects of smoke inhalation can be quite acute. For this reason, it’s easy to be quickly overcome by a fire and its smoke if you’re not given adequate warning of its presence. Had the individual in this case had a working smoke detector within his apartment, it’s very likely that he’d be alive today to tell about it today.

If you’ve been playing it fast and loose with your safety, then please make today the day that you decide to turn over a new leaf. Consider investing in a smoke detection system produced by Crossfire Alarms. The detectors that we manufacture are state of the art, offering multiple methods of detection that ensure you get the earliest warning of danger possible. Even more, these alarms communicate with each other wirelessly, which means that you’ll be alerted to a danger in your home, wherever you might be within your home.


“Not one working smoke detector:” Man dies in fire, is community getting the message?